A brief introduction to binocular binoculars

- Jun 23, 2017 -

With the improvement of people's living standard and cultural level, the telescope has gradually become a necessary product of people's culture consumption into daily life, in order to help you better choose the telescope needed, special to introduce the general knowledge of the product.

1, Brand: The current domestic market of a wide range of telescopes, but the vast majority of domestic products, and national products "Panda" brand telescope still dominate the market, by the factory to produce the company's registered export brand Tasco (Debao) also by the vast number of consumers a misleading, in fact, the real import of the telescope, the market is very rare, and our country's optical products in the international leading position, much foreign-wide, the vast number of customers can not be foreign.

2, magnification (angular magnification): such as the 10 50 telescope, 10 that is a multiple, it is to enlarge the people see the angle of the object, so that you from the sense of the object near, the greater the multiple, the closer the pull is, but the larger the magnification is not the greater the better, too, the hands of the shaking and heartbeat breathing fluctuations and air convection amplification, so that you observe the appearance of floating and unstable feeling, so generally not more than 20 times times appropriate, 10 times times the best. At present, some unscrupulous actors in order to cater to the high number of customers in the pursuit of the psychology of the general Telescope said dozens of times times or even hundredfold, in fact, as long as the purchase of external targets to observe the comparison can be identified. In addition, many customers are often concerned about the telescope can see how far. This view is in fact inaccurate. A multiple of a telescope does not indicate how far it can look. The human eye in the visibility of the situation can be seen infinitely far, not to mention the telescope. To be exact, the magnification is only a few times closer to the human eye based on visual conditions.

3, objective lens (into the optical aperture): such as 10 50, 50 for the optical aperture 50mm. The larger the aperture, the larger the light GTL. The higher the clarity, but the larger the aperture, the larger the volume weight, not only increase the cost of production, carry also inconvenient. In order to increase the light transmittance, so that the observed objects brighter and clearer, color lifelike, the production process is basically the use of coating technology. Look from the appearance also played a decorative role, generally for the red film, Lanra two kinds, especially the red film much consumers love. But the film Telescope (red film) still belongs to the daytime telescope, is not what people say: "Far infrared night vision", the real infrared evening view inside have like gain device, will increase the light tens of thousands of times, daytime is not used. Prices are also more than thousands of yuan, not for the general customer.

4, style (structure): From the structure can be divided into Paul-style and straight-barrel two types. The Paul-type telescope is a traditional form of dual-looking structure. It is through the prism imaging, the image is clear, the style is generous. However, due to the Prism group, the body tax is larger. Fortunately, the development of the ability of the manufacturers have developed a small, lightweight small Paul new products. Another style is the popular straight-tube telescope. Its biggest advantage is small size, simple structure, easy to carry, but also reduce production costs, prices also make consumers more acceptable.

5, Appearance: In addition to the lens coating, the foreskin also makes the telescope different grades and styles, wrapping generally divided into two categories. One is the earlier use of artificial leather foreskin, the other is in recent years the appearance of rubber (plastic) wrapping, rubber and plastic wrapping not only good texture, but also different colors and patterns. To the vast number of consumers to provide a wider choice.

6, a good telescope, not only from the appearance, more important is the intrinsic quality, the normal manufacturer of the telescope, the use of rigorous testing of optical glass, and after the assembly after rigorous testing, the image clear, tight structure. There are many poor quality telescopes on the market. Are some small manufacturers using some unqualified optical glass. Even ordinary glass or resin lenses assembled. Products have not been strictly debugged, is a fake products, to low price to attract customers, so that customers are infringed. So choose, do not only look at the price, should pay attention to the intrinsic quality of products.

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