Differentiation of the wire and glass ,which is more earthquake-resistant?

- Nov 29, 2017 -

      The reticle in the scope , which is commonly known as the secret point or the ship line, etc., are generally done in two ways.

      Ordinary called metal differentiation of silk is the use of thin copper stamping out the shape of the differentiated silk, directly attached to the back of the eyepiece, this differentiation if the process is not in place will not cause earthquake resistance, because it is sticky up, a long time Wire easily offset position or even broken.

      Another is the glass plate differentiation, is the method of chemical solution etching points or lines directly etching the glass plate, this structure is obviously more scientific than the metal wire.

      Of course, whether it is the differentiation of glass or glass, according to the difference between the manufacturer's technical strength and quality inspection requirements, there will be differences. If the production process skills, even if the wire can also be highly differentiated seismic.


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