How to Bore Sight a Rifle

- Nov 20, 2017 -


How to bore sight a rifle?



If you are not ready yet, mount the sight on the rifle first. If your rifle does not yet have mounts for the sight, you will need mounts for the sight. Most modern rifles come with pre-drilled screw holes and use mounts. Install mounts and make sure they are safe.

After installing the mounts, install the range ring in the scope and release it to adjust its position. You need to be able to rotate the sight and move it back and forth after the rifle is installed.

Make adjustments as needed so that the horizontal line on the network cable is flat. You also need to adjust the range of exit pupil distance. While holding the gun in a comfortable shooting position, move the range forward or backward until there is no black circle around the target. Equally important is that you have enough exit pupil distance to ensure that recoil does not come into contact with your face.




Bright red dot is an effective method of observation. It needs to be noticeable and clearly visible in both landscapes, so it helps to use some very specific high contrast, about 100 yards (91.4 m).

You do not have to shoot on the target, just stand in the target position, so if you have space, doing it indoors is great. Just practice good gun safety, check and double-check, as usual, to make sure your gun is unloaded before you attempt to aim.




Vise is ideal, but any kind of fitter or other stabilizer can easily hold the gun when you make the necessary adjustments. With the front sight, keep the gun level.





After Seeing sight level and exit pupil distance set, tighten your ring and re-examine all the hardware range to make sure it is safe, then line up the scope of the kill with the target, keep a good visual picture and your eyes are at Appropriate distance range. Adjust the sight up and down and left and right until it is aligned as closely as possible.

You are looking for a perfect view, when you see the right cheek - welding and vision, you can see the right distance, and in the same position on the arrangement. It's hard to do without guns or other security fixtures, so you can adjust without a gun or a gun.





It's still important to take your rifle to the shooting range and get the feel of the range through a few rounds of practice, with minor adjustments as necessary. Each gun is a bit different, no matter how accurate it is, so take the time to adapt to it and aim it properly.

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