How to Calculate the Distance With Mil Dot Rifle Scopes

- Apr 02, 2018 -

How to Calculate the Distance With Mil Dot Rifle Scopes?


    Mil Dot scopes are optics which allows users to easily calculate the distance to the target without fancy equipment. It was originally used by the submarine periscope and it was amplified and re-executed for use by military and casual rifle shooters to determine distance objects or allow the bullet to drop in compensation. Once you have mastered the basics, using Mil points to calculate distances can be quick and easy.



Binoculars and periscope Mil Dots are not the same as the rifle scope Mil Dots. Mil is a circle of 1-6,175. When the mil dots are observed through an oscilloscope, a mil is the distance from the center of one point to the center of the next dot (rather than the space between the dots). The millimeter distance on the rear plane crosshair on a variable power oscilloscope is usually only accurate at the highest power.



Calculate the distance of the object by multiplying the object's height (or width) by 1000, then dividing by the object's span.

Calculate as accurately as possible, and any "additional error" (by yourself) in the distance error may not be acceptable.

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