How to coordinate the relationship between the lens and the trajectory?

- Sep 02, 2017 -

According to the theory of trajectory, almost all of the field of vision, including mechanical collision, optical sight, red point sight, laser, etc. are local, and now has exceeded the scope of planning and scheduling. Under normal circumstances, this time interval is not in the scheduling plan.

As in the case of general applications, the current effect is always on the side of the cloud and can be used in a series of mirrored ring plate metal plates to fine tune to correct the aiming axis and use it between the body axis angle method. According to this principle, only when the accuracy of walking is the scope of the target, in the case of walking accuracy, not because there is no calibration or overrange conditions. The former can be adjusted according to the location of the site adjustment, if the latter is too close or too much beyond the scope of application, you can change the target range, select the appropriate target range. If the axis of the object and the axis are used to use the object of the axis is not the same as the object between the railway ditch axis and the vertical line angle is not the same, so not a fixed point device may not be able to show this problem only through the mirror Metal ring pad to deal with this problem.

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