How to use binoculars

- Jun 23, 2017 -

Recently some customers have asked about how to correctly use binoculars, here we give a unified description, convenient for everyone later reference! In the use of the telescope, the first page to adjust the telescope two of the distance, until the two eyes see the image synthesis of a circle. Then rotate the focus wheel slowly until the left eye is clear, then slowly rotate the right eyepiece until the right eye is clear, so that the telescope is designed to accommodate the poor eyesight of the two eyes. One thing to note is that the right eyepiece position should remain unchanged. It's OK to rotate the focusing wheel directly when observing different distance targets! Another one points, myopia or old-view friends, can not wear glasses directly through the telescope observation, if need to wear glasses, please turn the eyepiece on the rubber cover, or the eyepiece to the lowest position, so as to see the entire field of view, in addition, do not use the telescope direct observation of the sun, will cause great damage to the eyes.

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