How to use optical scope correctly

- Oct 20, 2017 -

How to use optical scope correctly

In our daily life because of this or that for a lot of people need to see distant objects clearly, but we there is a limit to the naked eye, even how good eyesight again, far away things still can't see clearly, this time we need to use some tools to help us finish, this situation when we were shooting type of activity is more outstanding, we need to accurately hit the target, which requires the tool we use a sight.

So what do we do with the right scope?


First of all, we have to open the optical sight of the objective lens cover and eyepiece cover, then put the eyes close to the eyepiece, through a sight to see our goal, this time, our eyes will be a reticle, the reticle is dedicated to help us to aim, only aim the reticle the parts to make sure that you can hit the target.

Secondly, sometimes we use is the sights of the changing times, this time you need us to have a variable times a sight met, in the process of target, we are going to learn to adjust times sights at multiple, so as to clear observation to the target. The adjustment is mainly to add and subtract the multiples, which depends on the actual situation at that time, whether to add or subtract.

In the end, it's shooting. Be sure to keep your body in balance while shooting, and understand general environmental analysis. The so-called environmental analysis refers to the specific analysis of the actual environment, because there are many factors influencing the accuracy, such as wind speed and air humidity, etc., which affect the final shooting effect.

When we skilled master this knowledge, we can apply the sights, but it is important to note that sight is a very sophisticated optical instrument, so the maintenance of it must do, not to knock against it, it will affect the accuracy of it.

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