Maintenance and maintenance of binoculars

- Jun 23, 2017 -

Maintenance and maintenance of binoculars:

One, to ensure that the telescope stored in the ventilation, dry, clean place, in order to prevent mildew, can be in the vicinity of the binoculars storage desiccant, conditional on the frequent replacement of desiccant.

Second, binoculars in the unused state please cover the eyepiece cover and the lens cover, or stored in a double cylinder standard backpack and box.

Third, the residual dirty spots or stains on the lens, to use professional mirror cloth (or professional lens paper) gently wipe, so as not to scrape the mirror, or wash the ear ball blowing net lens dust, such as need to clean the mirror, should use absorbent cotton accounted for a little better pure anhydrous ethanol, from the center of the Mirror in a direction to the edge of the mirror to rub, and constantly replace the cotton ball until wipe clean.

The telescope is a precision instrument, do not slam the telescope, heavy pressure or other strenuous action.

Non-professionals do not attempt to disassemble their telescopes and clean their telescopes.

Six, although some of the dual-cylinder waterproof function, but it is recommended to avoid exposure to the rain or water.

In the case of a double cylinder with built-in battery, the battery should be removed in the condition of long-term unused.

VIII. The storage and use of the product should avoid the magnetic material and avoid the compass pointing error or not working of the military double cylinder.

NOTE: ★ Do not directly observe the sun and other strong light source (look at the sun when the objective is to be fitted with two-cylinder standard solar filters)

★ Do not use the mouth to blow the lens, lest saliva corrode the lens

★ Do not touch the lens with the hand, lest the lens stained with oil and finger print

★ Do not place binoculars in direct sunlight, in order to avoid fire

★ Do not keep binoculars near heaters or in closed cars in direct sunlight

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