The composition of the optical sight

- Aug 18, 2017 -

An optical sight is composed of at least three optical lens sets, one is Objective Lens, one is Erector Tube, and Onicular Lens, and there may be other groups of mirrors.The objective lens group is responsible for collecting light, so the larger the objective lens, the more brightly the object in the scope should be.The eyepiece group is responsible for changing the light back to the parallel beam so that the eyes can focus and create the maximum view.And the correction mirror group is to correct the image of the objective in the correct direction by upside-down, left and right, and to adjust the magnification.The position of the aiming line can be in the first focus plane of the correction mirror group, or the second focus plane, and the wind deflection knob, the height adjustment knob, and the magnification ring are used to control the correction mirror tube Left and right, high and low, before and after the location.A high level targeting mirror may have as many as nine lenses in the body. Through proper coating, the transmittance may exceed 95%.But even if the light transmittance is not so high, the brightness within the field of vision may still be higher than the brightness of the naked eye, because the general objective lens area is larger than the eyes of the light collection area.

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