Two-cylinder telescope to buy attention

- Jun 23, 2017 -

The telescope is the traditional optical instrument, the breakthrough visual limit, observes the distant scenery, the following points are the telescope industry personage summarizes the domestic telescope to buy the suggestion, for everybody likes and buys the telescope friend reference, hoped everybody can have the suitable telescope for oneself:

1, each size and type of telescope has a specific environment suitable for its use, no telescope is omnipotent

2, optical quality and light appearance, often contradictory. If both want, a substantial increase in the budget is needed

3, the roof Prism telescope is the smallest size in the same size telescope, but the optical quality is often inferior to the Porro prism telescope.

4, a penny of the price of goods, specifications and parameters of the same telescope, the actual effect may be very far apart, of course, the price will vary very far

5, the price of a telescope depends on a number of factors, such as cost, profit, market strategy, and the telescope's multiples have no relationship

6, the imaging effect of the telescope depends on many factors, the number of times is only one of many factors, blind pursuit of multiple is not desirable

7, there has never been any infrared night vision telescope, but some specs of the telescope such as 7x50 in low-light conditions is also very good

8, do not buy large-scale double binoculars, there are small field of view, serious imaging distortion, optical axis easily offset and many other problems

9, as far as possible not to buy the red film telescope, it is only suitable for snow and ice, such as high reflective environment, the general environment of the imaging dim, and the color of the serious

10, the possibility of counterfeit military telescopes is very high, the regular army with binoculars are basically black, and expensive

11, the advantage of the Russian telescope is its all-metal materials, in the optical and no formal high-quality domestic mirror, and the work of the general

12, the market is labeled a few Baisi times or more high-power binoculars and hundreds of yuan Nikon telescope are basically fakes

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