What Is the Best Multiplier of the Sight? Are There Any Definite Proportions of Multiples and Distances?

- Dec 21, 2017 -

What is the best multiplier of the sight? Are there any definite proportions of multiples and distances?


    The larger the magnification of the scope of sight is smaller, not suitable for rapid capture of the target. If you close the use of large magnification, but suddenly find it difficult to find the target. In general, the use of gun sight distance within 100 meters, 4 times is a common magnification, 3-6 times the range can be used. However, if the use of long-distance can use a large multiple of multiples, as the case may be even 24 times. In theory, the higher the rate the more accurate accuracy, but the high rate of gun aim to achieve the accuracy of the complex process requirements. The cost is also significantly improved!

     No special rules must how many times must apply for how much distance. Completely look at the environmental factors (because the larger the magnification, gun sight light illumination less, the field of view is also smaller, if the ambient light is not strong, although the distance is far Still using a special high-fold aiming it is difficult to observe!) And the degree of personal habits decided!

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