What Is The Eye Relief? Do Optical Sight Lenses Have Eye Relief?

- Dec 26, 2017 -

What is the Eye Relief? Do optical sight lenses have Eye Relief?


In the most intuitive language; There is a hole in the optical sighting system, which is only visible to the naked eye to see the image, and only a certain distance from the aperture to see the clearest full-screen image. This distance is the eye relief . Any optical observation equipment has an eye relief. The difference is Galileo telescope telescopic system he an eye relief. Generally labeled the eyepiece to the naked eye can, and use the Kepler telescope system in order to prevent the optic wu. Hurt the user's device took a sight to the naked eye, so an eye relief away from the eyepiece a certain distance. A few military aim with a patch, the patch to prevent external distract users attention at the same time, the light itself had the effect of a fixed the eye relief(i.e., distance from the eye mask eyes eyepiece is to design an eye relief).




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