What Is the Principle of Reflex Red Point Sight?

- Jan 22, 2018 -

What Is the Principle of Reflex Red Point Sight? What are the advantages and disadvantages of it compared with optical sight?


The mirror is a concentric sphere. The inner surface of the mirror is coated with a translucent semi-reflective film. A light source is placed on the inside of the concentric spherical surface of the objective lens, and the light is reflected in the light by a bit of red light passing through the translucent semi-reflective film. When this light source is aligned with the target light, it is aimed at the human eye.  

Most of the usual reflectors have no magnification, and there are a few foreign varieties with magnification. The reflex sight can be observed simultaneously without magnification, without affecting the observation of the external condition. And the reflex red point aiming mirror can be aimed at the red spot, and it has nothing to do with the position of the red dot in the mirror. But his disadvantage is that the accuracy of the target or the small target is not high.




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