What's the classification of optical scope?

- Oct 12, 2017 -

What's the classification of optical scope?

The arrow on the adjusting button is the moving direction of the bullet point.In general, the arrow direction of the button arrow will be up, and the direction of the arrow will be to the right.                          

 Individual is the double arrow, except "UP", "R", and "DW" and "L", respectively representing the downward and left, and also the movement direction of the impact point.Do not remember whether the cross and the knob are positive or negative, because the different scopes are designed differently.

 The sights of the modern optical system is the lens turn as Kepler system, there are two focal plane before and after, so Kepler's sights and divided into two categories: if reticle in the focal plane, before the installation of the reticle is inverted;

 What's the difference between these two categories? The following optical scope manufacturer will show you:

  In the case of the former focal plane, the thickness of the dividing line is also changed with the target mirror in the case of the change ratio. Therefore, it can be used for ranging.Then the dividing line of the focal plane, the cross line is always the same, and the original density relationship will change with the change ratio, which cannot be marked with distance scale.                                                

However, the rear focal plane is easier to rearrange the space, the design and manufacture are more convenient, the placement of the plate lighting device is easier, and the overall structure is smoother and more beautiful.

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