Comp M2

- Jun 23, 2017 -

Comp m and Comp ml (now known as M2) are quick-sight mirrors provided by the army and police. Comp M2 is able to capture targets quickly, and its design can be quickly and accurately targeted by a striker who wears a gas mask, so comp M2 is heavily procured by the U.S. Army as a standard outfit to improve the soldier's melee ability. Comp M2 was selected by the U.S. military in 2000 and named M68 CCO (Melee optical device).

Comp M2 has 10 light point brightness files, of which 4 are night vision, specially designed for the use of goggles, which is the main difference between military-type M2 and the ML2 version. There is a special light in the 6 visible-light stalls for viewing under intense daylight. Comp M2 uses a 3 volt 2l76 or Dl2 3n lithium battery power, because the use of Aimpoint Company's patented technology CET (circuit Efficiency technology), so that a single battery life of more than 10,000 hours, if the use of night vision, can reach 100,000 hours of time. Although the power consumption of comp M2 is very low, but because of its use of the battery model is more special, the logistical support has a certain demand, the U.S. military has a negative opinion, and later put the new comp M4 designated as a new M68 CCO will be taken for granted.

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