The Future is Now: Scopes and Electronics

- Sep 14, 2017 -

One of the most important improvements in recent years is the luminescence of the differentiation line. A glowing differentiation line solves the problem of disappearing targets in dark targets or low light. Of course, it takes the battery, which means that some of the retrofitting sights need more costs, and the final battery needs to be replaced. But if you are likely to shoot in low light conditions, it is to make shooting possible.

Once the battery is redesigned, it is possible to add more technology and capabilities. The principle of the laser range finder is that the laser is integrated into the enclosure of the range. Reflecting the laser beam from the object or nearby object can allow the electronic device to determine the range, usually within one meter or two meters, which is accurate enough for the purpose of the shot. With this information and the trajectory of your load, a complex sight can project a pause on the target image. It has not been corrected for the deviation, but some sights allow you to enter it. Given a range of data, a sufficiently smart sight can also make any necessary adjustments to the parallax.

The built-in accelerometer measures the inclination (the rise or fall of the target) and the slope (the rifle of the rifle), and these factors can also be corrected. Some scopes further, send data or video images to your iPhone or Android device, record videos, and so on. Of course, this makes the traditional BDC and mill -dot range out of time - as long as your battery is pretty good.

All of these future gunner techniques are costly, and, in this article, the price is still high. However, like all high-tech products, you can expect the cost of the next few years will be significantly reduced.


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