The Use of Optical Sight-glasses

- Jun 23, 2017 -

"1" magnification adjustment, zoom in the eyepiece on the lens of the tube marked with a scale, 2-6 times, usually monogram has 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 of these magnification of the positioning point, can rotate the tripod on the eyepiece to align the scale of the corresponding digital scale can be, but different distances on the object in some magnification will be blurred, so it is not necessary to accurately demarcate the triangle positioning in the number, as long as the visual clarity can be.

"2" Adjustment knob, is located directly above the distance compensation knob, is located on the right side of the wind knob.

Above the knob has an arrow labeled "Up", that is, along the arrow direction to rotate the impact will move upwards, such as 5 shots, the impact is in the center of the Cross, you can "up" the direction of rotation, and constantly adjust the shooting point will gradually overlap with the center of the Cross line.

The right-hand knob has an arrow marked "L" this is the direction of the arrow, the impact will be corrected to the left, the same example five send a group of shooting, the impact of the center right side of the cross line, you can rotate to the "L" direction, so that the impact will gradually to the line perpendicular to

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