What Is The Benefit Of One-Piece Tube Lens Sighting?

- May 04, 2018 -

What Is The Benefit of One-Piece Tube Lens Sighting?

      One-piece pipe sight is the sight appearance material is CNC profile. This profile is located in the front cylinder of the sights, in the middle of the adjustment knob, and in the lens barrel housing. The material in these three places is turned out at one time and there is no need to use screws to fix them. In other words, the integrated pipe is an entire pipe and cannot be separated.

      Instead of integrated pipe, CNC machining is also used. Although the middle adjustment knob and the rear end part are also processed, they are not processed. In the end, it still needs to be connected with screws, that is, live, and can be adjusted and dismantled.

       The meaning of one-piece pipe and non-integrated pipe makes it clear what is left is the difference between the two. Compared with the two, the sight-integrated sight is better than the non-integrated sight in terms of waterproof performance. It not only has good waterproof effect, but also can prevent a long time. However, this does not mean that the waterproof performance of non-integrated tube sighting is very poor, but it is relatively speaking. As for the effect of shock proofing, this is not related to whether it is an integral pipe.


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